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Giants Commander: Houthis broke armistice UN armistice in Hudaydah

Giants Commander: Houthis broke armistice UN armistice in Hudaydah , western Yemen , and have returned to seek help from it after the losses

The commander of the Giants Brigades in Yemen, Brigadier General Abd al-Rahman Abu Zar'ah al-Muharrami, described the recent escalation of the Houthi militia in Hudaydah as "dangerous," noting that the Houthis had violated the UN-sponsored truce, but they returned to seek its help after suffering field defeats.

In a press statement obtained by Nashwan News, Al-Muharrami stated that the Houthi militia violated the UN armistice and when they received heavy defeats and losses and learned harsh lessons at the hands of the joint forces, the militias resorted to demanding a return to commitment to the truce and the call for peace sponsored by the United Nations.

He continued: The militias have committed continuous violations of the UN armistice from the moment it was announced, which was followed by a dangerous escalation of armed attacks and an attempt to control sites and cities, including al-Durayhimi, but their escalation collided with the solidity of the joint forces, (the pro-government Yemeni army formations).

The commander of the giants emphasized that the joint forces continued to be committed to the UN truce and the peace process, which had it not been announced, the city of Hudaydah would have been liberated, and today we would be chasing militia remnants in the Maran caves.

Al-Mahrami concluded that after the dangerous penetration by the militias, who faced a resolute response by the joint forces with strength and who had been patient since the announcement of the Stockholm Agreement and remained committed to non-escalation and remained patient, seeing the city and port of Hudaydah as the need for hungry lions for prey.

He pointed out that the UN envoy to yemen Martin Griffiths announced the call for a ceasefire again, and the Houthis quickly turned to welcome.

Automatic translation (experimental) –  The original text is in Arabic

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