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developments of displacement in Marib with Houthis escalation

Developments of the New Displacement Situation - Marib Yemen 30 oct 2021

Today, the Executive Unit for the Management of IDPs Camps in Yemen issued a report on the situation in Marib, where the displaced are exposed to the worst forms of violence and terrorism by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia.
The report, a copy of which is published by the "Nashwan News", said that more than 54,000 people have recently been displaced due to the escalation in the districts of southern Ma'rib. Thousands of families are stuck because of road blocks.
The following is "Nashwan News" publishes the text of the introduction to the report:

The consequences of the hostilities and excessive violence are compounded by the continuing brutal military escalation by Houthi terrorist militias against the residents of Marib southern districts. Since the outset of September, these hostile attacks have not stopped against innocent civilians in their villages and populated areas.
As a result of these brutal attacks, more than 54,502 people have been forcibly displaced due to the frequent Houthi ballistic missile attacks on the outskirts of Al-Juba District, which witnesses a continuous escalation on the residential areas. The same thing happened to the Hareeb and Rahaba Districts which witnessed also brutal terrorist aggression and violence against civilians.
It's worth mentioning that thousands of families are still stuck due to the devastation of roads,
transportation constraint, exposing the civilians to the risk, and targeting anyone moving. Preventing these families from their right of displacement is considered as a blatant violation of the Human International Law.

As the response situation of humanitarian partners deteriorates, and is still slow in addition to the humanitarian needs gap, which widens in all key areas, the local authority of Marib Province is making great efforts trying to save the lives of thousands of recently displaced people and alleviate their suffering, in the face of a very frustrating UN and international humanitarian response.The Executive Unit reiterates its humanitarian appeal and repeated calls to the Government, the international community,UN agencies and organizations to assume their humanitarian responsibility to protect civilians and all IDPs and to respond urgently and on an emergency basis to their necessary and life-saving needs in all humanitarian areas.

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