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Executive Unit in Yemen: Urgent appeal for relief of IDPs south of Hodeidah

Executive Unit in Yemen: Urgent appeal for relief of IDPs south of Hodeidah Because of recent developments

Today, the Executive Unit for IDPs Camps Management launched an urgent appeal for relief to hundreds of displaced families in the south of Hodeidah governorate, in the west of the country, who are living in the open in the light of recent developments.
The following is "Nashwan News" publishes the text of the statement:

Urgent Appeal

Executive Unit for IDPs Camps Management is following the rapid developments in the southern areas of Al-Hodeidah Governorate and these developments, which took place suddenly and without taking into account the humanitarian aspect, have led to the displacement of more than (700) Hhs, equivalent to (4900) individuals, most of them are children, women and the elderly until the moment of writing this appeal, from Al-Durayhimi and Al-Tahita districts to Al-Khoukha district, these households are currently living in the open without the minimum necessities of life, while about (5,000) Hhs are still stuck in the areas that witnessed developments in south of Al-Hodeidah, and they have not been able to leave.
These sudden developments in addition to the deteriorating humanitarian conditions experienced by IDPs have exacerbated the human suffering and increased the number of displaced persons.
We in Executive Unit for IDPs Camps Management appeal to United Nations and its agencies and international and local organizations to carry out their tasks and urgently intervene and provide urgent humanitarian aid to IDPs and provide the necessary needs immediately and urgently. We also call for pressure to protect them and stop military actions there because if they continue that will lead to the displacement of about 50,000 Hhs in Al-Khoukha.

Executive Unit is ready with all its staff and field teams to facilitate the access of organizations and help in providing services and overcoming any difficulties.

Issued by Executive Unit
November 13, 2021

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