Nashwan News website, an independent electronic newspaper, is concerned with the most prominent news and topics of Yemen in the first place, developments, events and issues in the region and the world in general.
The site was established, in 2008, to represent a qualitative addition in the Yemeni electronic press, trying to distinguish and present the truth to those who live in Yemen, the regional environment and the world as close as possible. The opinions published on the site express the viewpoint of its author, and do not necessarily express the direction or opinion of the editorial board of the site .

The name comes in reference to the Yemeni historian and linguist, Nashwan bin Saeed Al-Hamiri, who is considered one of the historical symbols of Yemen.
Work began in Nashwan News on 8 – 25 – 2008,
The headquarters is in the Republic of Yemen

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Note The publication in English is still an experimental phase. All published topics are available in Arabic

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