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Social media campaign: Houthi terrorism in Yemen

Social media campaign: Houthi terrorism in Yemen #HouthiTerrorismInYemen

Yemeni activists and journalists announced the launch of an campaign on social media networks, focusing on human rights violations and terrorist acts by the Houthi militia in Yemen, after the United States declared the group a terrorist organization.
The campaign, which will be launched under the hatch #HouthiTerrorismInYemen, on the 24-25th of January 2021, seeks to shed light on the practices of the Iran-backed Houthi group and human rights violations in Yemen.
The organizers of the campaign said in a statement, a copy of which was shared with Nashwan News, that the Houthis "brought war on the people of the country."
The organizers added that the Houthis "were designated a terrorist organization, then - by intimidation- they asked their victims to come out to demonstrate against their designation as terrorists."
The participants referred to the Houthi group as the reason for the war that Yemen has been witnessing for years, and that it is the cause of "the real suffering that befell Yemen."

They indicated the launch of a major campaign in both Arabic and English, which seeks to clarify the terrorist crimes of Al-Houthi to the world and to demand that he be classified as a terrorist by countries other than the United States of America.

Automatic translation (experimental) –  The original text is in Arabic


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